The distribution packages for McXtrace may be downloaded via

Installing McXtrace on Mac OS X

  1. Download the mcxtrace-1.5-macOS.tar.gz archive
  2. Unpack it and open the mcxtrace-1.5 folder in Finder
  3. Drag the and the McXtrace-1.5-environment.command to your /Applications folder
  4. Right-click and chose "open" on the Check-PY-dependencies.command script
  5. PLEASE follow the on-screen instructions - and repeat opening the script until after you have been offered to take ownership of /usr/local!
  6. Optionally also run the Check-PL-dependencies.command script if you want to have access to the Perl tools
Once installed you may open the from /Applications. (On the first run, please right-click and choose "open"). Depending on your version of Mac OS, you may have to adjust security settings to allow "Apps from anywhere".

To use your newly installed McXtrace from the terminal, either

Please report any trouble in using these instructions to

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