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The McXtrace code repository is run using a subversion server[1]. Since the codebase is highly related the repository is shared with our sister project McStas.


We try to use SI-units as much as possible, unless we have a fair reason not to do so. examples of the units that we try to stick to are:

  • Wavelength: Å (AA) Ångström
  • Wavenumber: 1/Å (1/AA)
  • Energy: keV

SVN command line survival guide

Some useful svn commands

Most important of all:

svn help command

which will display helpful information about command

svn checkout .

to get a working copy of the current development branch in your working directory

svn add filename.c

schedules addition of filename.c to the code tree. Please note that unless you commit your change this is a local addition.

svn commit filename.c

pushes changes (if any) of the file filename.c to the repository. If filename.c is not specified, svn pushes all edits found in the current working directory and recursively below.

A complete online book covering the ins and outs of svn can be found here: [2]. Read that for in depth knowledge about svn.


You might prefer to use git-svn for lightweight branches etc. If you do not know what that is - you don't want to use git-svn. If you do, this is is a good place to start

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